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St. Vincent's Home Inc.

Volunteer Application


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 Education And Employment


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Why do you want to volunteer?

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What do you hope to contribute by volunteering?

What type of volunteer work would you be willing to do? (Please prioritize your choices 1 - 12)

 Activities Assistant                                      Outing Assistant

 Anything - I'm very flexible!                      Pet Visits

 Arts and Crafts                                           Reading to the Visually Impaired

Clerical/Computer                                       Special Events

 Dining Room Beverage Server                  Transport Assistant

 One on One Visits                                      Other - Please List: 

When are you available to volunteer?

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I understand that if accepted as a volunteer:

- I voluntarily offer my services with an understanding there will be no monetary compensation.

- I agree to conform to all policies, procedures, and regulations

- I will satisfy any health screening requirements.

- If requested, I will submit references and/or appropriate school documentation.

- I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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